Last updated April 6, 2008

Changes to these rules are possible, keep looking at this page

What is World Cup League (WCL) tournament?

World Cup League tournament is for all online Heroes of Might and Magic III Players. This is a fun and simple ranks system that we hope will be enjoyable for all our members. We have a few simple guideline rules that we ask all our members to follow. Failure to follow any of these simple rules may result in removal from this tournament!!

Mandatory rules

1) All players of this site are to treat all other heroes players with respect. If you have a problem with a player of this site doing otherwise contact Sergey (SAG).

2) No fake reporting or double accounts. (This is grounds for immediate removal from World Cup League)

3) No use of cheat codes and trainer programs. (This is grounds for immediate removal from World Cup League)

4) Use of Ghost Hero in games is considered cheating, not allowed.

5) Medium or larger maps only can be played for World Cup League, Small size is not allowed

6) Editing maps from its original version to benefit you is not permitted. (This is grounds for immediate removal from World Cup League).

7) Forbidden to look saves or random map before game is finished, may result in warnings up to removal from World Cup League.

8) Constant dropping/quitting games without a valid reason is considered not honorable and may result in warnings up to removal from World Cup League.

9) "Reducing neutral guards" game bug: allowed to flee/surrender/die 1 time on un-upgraded guards with upgraded stack inside, that is guarding critical game objects (zone passage, relic/major artefacts, Utopia, pandora) and there are no any limits on reducing neutral guards that guards non-critical objects.

10) Forbidden to trade artefacts above their cost, it is considered cheating and will be cause for investigation.

11) Must Fight misplaced guards (FMG) rule: "Misplaced guard" is a guard (monster) that is not guarding anything - this is error of random map generator. On Random Maps, all misplaced guards MUST be fought (this means you may not walk around a creature in order to pick up a Pandora''s Box, a Treasure, Artefact, Utopia or other object as well as you can not walk past the guards for breaking the middle or another zone). In case there are multiple misplaced guards for example at the middle break, you must fight only one of the stacks. Also, you may not enter another zone if there is definitely misplaced mountain or other object that allows you to pass without fighting any guard. Note: guards near resource mines are considered to guard only mine itself - you may pick up resources near mine without fighting guard.

12) If battle ends in a draw - then attacking player must flee (example: attacking player has 1 Ghost dragon and flies away from horde of Golems).

13) When playing random map, players must restart if starting hero is not Level 1

P.S. When playing a player discuss personal rules and make sure you and your opponent is clear on each others interpretation of these rules before you start a game. If you can not agree upon a set of rules play someone else.

Any questions on these rules or you have a rule you want to suggest we have contact Sergey (SAG).

How our points system works

At beginning players start with a base score of 1000. Player ratings provide a way to compare the strengths of two players without requiring them to play each other. The rating system is similar to that used in chess ratings, the higher the rating, the better the player.

Winner: New rating = Old rating + 30 + 0.05*difference. Minimum bonus 5 points.

Looser: New rating = Old rating - (20 + 0.05*difference). Maximum penalty is 20 points. Penalty is always >=0.

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