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3 players may form a tribe. Each tribe will have a leader. Each player has a unique hero. This hero will develop skills the same way as normal hero do in game. Each game will give experience so you can skill up your hero up to Level 10. Powerful heroes: Tazar, Crag Hack, Neela, Mephala, Gundula, Orrin, Shakti, Pyre, Monere will be limited to Level 5. Your hero may participate in Heroic Tribes Finals, however in last final game no bonus will be allowed. To avoid same town formation the following town selection will apply: Player #2 should say to Player #1 which town he can't use. The same way Player 1 should say to Player #2 which town he can't use.

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How to design a tribe :

1) Choose any 2 of the following town choices for your tribe: Castle, Fortress, Tower, Rampart, Inferno, Dungeon, Stronghold, Necro, and Random (meaning starting with random town.) CONFLUX town is not allowed to be used in Tribes with 1 exception: when you play Random town and in case if opponent allow you to continue with Conflux, then you may report this game for Heroic Tribes.

2) Find a graphic to represent your tribe (if you want, we can find one for you upon request) please send to in .jpg format.

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How to join a tribe :

1) Register as "i wish to join any tribe" CLICK HERE

2) Ask permission to join existing tribe HERE

You may also receive invitation to join from Tribe Leaders

Rules for Tribes Tournament:

Who is allowed to join or start a tribe? : Any member of World Cup League that has played a minimum of 5 games can start a tribe. You need 1 regular WCL game to join one.

Maps : Any medium or larger map (Fest, Speed and Fight maps are forbidden). Random maps can be played (bonuses can be used only if players use a third party host that is not from either players tribe).

Way to play : Free challenges. Free challenges are open challenges between any other tribes members. The points and gold received for wins and losses will be published in few days.

Tribe Finals: To be published in few days

What is gold for? : Gold  is used to buy your tribes artifacts.

Artifacts : Artifacts are to be distributed by the tribe leader to the players they feel will need them or make the best use of them. Tribe members may only have 1 artifact each . At any time a tribe leader can sell back any of their artifacts for half the cost they paid for them. Once a artifact is owned by one tribe it is not available for sale to any other tribe. Tribes cannot trade artifacts. Tribe artifacts can be moved to different tribe members during the season. Once a tribe artifact has been removed from a player that player cannot have it back until all other members of the tribe have used it for a minimum of 1 game.

How do I edit in artifacts ? : Artifacts or their bonuses are added to a unguarded Pandora's box in front of each players starting towns .

Where to and how to report tribes games: Select "Heroic Tribes" sub-tournament on pre-report page, other settings as in usual game.

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